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IQ: 有一人不小心失足從天台跌下,到地後他沒有死,但死了隻雞。為什麼?

Tags: IQ Question, IQ Test, Funny, IQ

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Blogger SLeeK@ER

Answer>>> 这样都不死,还不快点杀鸡还神 meh!


Anonymous wong


Blogger SLeeK@ER

wong,Who ask you to click on the "view answers"? haha

Anonymous chong

I think the answer have a bit worng . if the guy not died. not nessary kill the chicken than only can pray to the god.

am I right.........????

Blogger SLeeK@ER

i think IQ is not a very serious stuff....there are no right or wrong here.... so, you are right also.... how you think?

Anonymous Anonymous



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