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IQ: 上面爽, 下面痛, 上面流汗, 下面流血. 猜一种活动(不是色情题目哦!)

Tags: IQ Question, IQ Test, Funny, IQ, Happy IQ, IQ challange, Funny IQ

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Blogger SLeeK@ER

Answer :) 钓鱼

Anonymous Anonymous

I think this quesition is ' fai wa'
cause the question was not logic.

Blogger SLeeK@ER

sometime the IQ question can be asked without logic!

Anonymous Tan

My first things to think with must related to 色情 wan la....... normal wat!!!!

Blogger singth

heck, i was thinking 拔牙...

Blogger SLeeK@ER

拔牙got 上面爽 de??

Blogger SLeeK@ER


Blogger SLeeK@ER

COOL! signth!

Anonymous Anonymous

guys alway like this type of questions wan...

Anonymous Anonymous



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