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Tags: IQ Question, IQ Test, Funny, IQ, Happy IQ, IQ challange, Funny IQ, joke, daily joke, funny joke

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Blogger SLeeK@ER

Answer :) 因为他喝了过期的奶!!~~~~

Anonymous Anonymous

喝 了 过 期 的 奶 也 不 会 死 掉 吧 ?hehehe!

Blogger SLeeK@ER

喝 了 过 期 的 奶 也 不 会 死 掉 吧 ?hehehe!"

Wei, wei, wei, 过 期 的 奶 got Toxic 1 le!! hahahahhah

Anonymous Winnie

Y you all so HumSAP" wan le, sleeker and Tan ar!

Anonymous Anonymous


Anonymous Anonymous


Anonymous irene

then what is the answer? logic answer or not? he accidently "telan" her gigi palsu??haha

Blogger SLeeK@ER

the first comment in every post is the answer!

Anonymous Anonymous

haha.. funny.. XD

Anonymous Anonymous

lol...it relly funny...

Anonymous Happy IQ

i wish you all enjoy the IQ here!!!!


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